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Stock Dogs

                                 This page was created because ocassionally we will have cross bred dogs to offer for sale.



If you're looking for a great stock dog that's a little different from others please kept track of this page.

    Above is Penny. She is a pure bred Border Collie from 'Old Mill' stock and was kindly given to Brenda as a pup.  She's one of our main paddock dogs working sheep, lambs and cattle.  When teamed with Wally (Washpool Wallace) no steer can misbehave! So  long as Wally has the head she'll handle the rear and the steers soon learn it's easier to move with the herd. 

   Her main quality and one Brenda didn't want to lose is she can read the stock. Which is a valuable asset. To that end we put Glen Farm Bacon over her. On the 5th of March, 2014 she had 4 beautiful pups.  Tuppence at 4 months is exceptional, and all Brenda was hoping for.

   Two black boys (Tim and Tom) are spoken for, although, one may come back for sale at a later date. 

UPDATE:-  Tom has come back!  He matches Tuppence in ability so after much soul searching it has been decided to sell Tuppence, who is extremely fast and full on as is her sister Tammy. 


Tuppence 1