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At Glen Farm we sell started, going well and occasionally a fully trained kelpie.

Someone once asked why we refer to our kelpies as ‘Working Kelpies’. Simply it’s because that is what they have been bred for. They are not your pet me and throw a ball for me type (we’ve tried). They do like to be patted but they love to work.


Back – sends the dog clockwise. Hand signal, right arm across the body.

Over – sends the dog anti-clockwise. Hand signal, right arm out from the body.

Stop – the dog stops. Hand signal, is the classic signal for stop.

Here – the dog comes to you. Hand signal, point at the dog and bring the arm  swiftly down to your side.

    Once bonded with their kelpie a new owner can change and add commands that suit them.

    Commands for our own dogs can be quite complex. We’ve been heard to use whole sentences.  Example – uttered whilst sitting on a quad and pointing at said sheep. ‘Look, there’s still one right over there in the corner!’ (Which was on hind-sight invisible to the dog on the ground.)  However the dog dutifully headed off in the direction indicated and brought the animal along to join the rest.


      Because we come to know our kelpies through their training we are able to match them with their new owner. Our kelpies can work paddock, yard, sheep and cattle, and some are better at one or the other.  So we will always ask what type of work will be required. Also, some kelpies respond better to softer handlers whilst others need a firmer hand.

      It can take a while for the kelpies to bond and learn new ways.  If, after a period of time, generally 6 to 8 weeks the new owner is not happy with their purchase we will exchange the kelpie.


     Prices generally start at $1200 plus GST for our started dogs and increase according to ability and training.  Please feel free to call us if you'd like more information. You can reach Raymond on 0429 344 211, or send us an email through the contact page.


Pete 24/04/2012

Pete 24/04/2012


Entered in the 2015 auction on the 12th of November.
 Excellent yard dog. 
Would make a great truck dog.
Has now worked cattle a couple of times.



Glen Farm Buzz

Buzz 24/03/2012


Buzz is also entered in the auction. He's a very busy cattle dog that does buzz like a bee around them.

Buzz and Ned

Buzz and Ned











 Kirk is now well started.  We also have quite a few girls being introduced to sheep now.  

Kirk 30/10/2013

Kirk 30/10/2013